Our commitment is to empower, inspire, and uplift the lives of those we serve by bringing a therapeutic approach in hopes they can rebuild and maintain a healthier lifestyle.


If you or someone you know are struggling we are here to help.


Our primary areas of focus:


•Substance Abuse & Domestic Violence Counseling

•Low Self-esteem Building

•Employment & Job-readiness


•Anger Management

•HIV/AIDS Awareness and Prevention







Our Helping Hands Program is to assist community residents in the following areas:


Hunger & Healthy Eating: Those needing food assistance are able to visit our food pantry once a month to ensure individuals and families are feed and we're helping to prevent hunger in our communities.


Eviction Prevention: We help qualifing individuals and families with rental assistance to prevent possible eviction.


Utility Assistance: We assist individuals and families who have a turn-off notice for their gas, electric, and fuel





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